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R n B Cattle Dogs 

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Please visit our new website for updated information.  We will be closing this site down in the future.

Welcome!  We are located in Southern California and have been raising Australian Cattle Dogs for a few years now, although  we have owned the breed for over 30 years and have been active in the horse and obedience world for many years.  ACD's are phenomenal dogs if you know the breed!  They are loyal, great watchdogs, have endless energy and are very willing to please. Occasionally we have puppies.   If you are interested in one of our puppies, please know what you are getting into, in other words look up and study the breed if you don't already know it,  and make the lifetime commitment to your puppy.  A deposit is required to hold the puppy of your choice. You may contact us at rnbcattledogs@gmail.com or by calling 951-837-0898..  

 Please be sure to check our related site for your furry friends needs @ www.petpensplus.com   

McCullagh's Don Quixote

Quixote is a character! Quite a busybody and always has to be in on the action!   He is AKC  registered as well as CKC registered.    PRA-PRCD - "A" Clear-by Parentage  None of our puppies will lose their vision to this disease.


Rose Dunn

Rose may be small, but she is catty!  Very quick with a strong herding instinct, but always ready to kick back and spend time in the house. She is CKC registered. 

Ella Watson

Ella is following in her mom's footsteps of being the first alert dog!  She is highly motivated to be in on the action.  With a very sweet personality, she is a love.  Watch for her first litter in the winter of 2015.  Ella is CKC registered.


Annie Oakley


Annie is a sweetheart.  Always on the alert for things out of place, but also first to be at hand for some down time with us.   She is CKC registered. 

Windwalker Blue Woolah


     Woolah is a charmer!  Her antics and mischievous doings have made her a welcome addition to our home!  We are looking forward to discovering the world of herding with her.  Keep watching for her updates.  Woolah is AKC registered.


Family Photos

The mob resting on a cold winter night 2013.

The boys watching kitchen activities.

Cooling off in the shade of Fall 2013

 Guarding the gate.

Scrounging while the horse shoer works.